Quality Irish Linen for film & theatre

Stoker Mills Irish Linen has a proud tradition of crafting the finest Irish Linen from our historic Belfast location in Northern Ireland. 

In the heart of Belfast’s historic Port, Irish linen specialists Stoker Mills weave a natural yarn into Northern Ireland’s textiles history, producing unique collections of authentic pure Irish Linen designs for international feature films and television productions.

Stoker Mills Irish Linen is a name synonymous with quality and produces one of the most exclusive collections of authentic Irish Linen fabrics in the world today. Handcrafted from linen and linen blends, we stock thousands of metres of fabric in various colours, weaves and textures. This is just one of the reasons our bespoke designs are sourced by costume departments, fashion designers and interior design specialists throughout the world.

With a 40 year family legacy to honour, Stoker Mills Irish linen is proud to continue weaving a legend for the next generation.


Costume Creates Character

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end.

We believe in the magic of storytelling and the art of weaving character through authentic costume design into the visual heart of theatrical productions. Stoker Mills collection of quality linen is worn by a lengthy list of villains, pirates and performers of many blockbusters, television and theatre productions including:

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Masters of Linen

Stoker Mills Irish Linen respects the environment and is extremely proud to be accredited and certified by the European Masters of Linen’s guarantee of European linen traceability. This guarantees linen that is 100% made in Europe ‘from fields to yarn to fabric’ using sustainable production methods.

Contact Stoker Mills

To discuss your specific trade requirements please contact the team at Stoker Mills directly:

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